Sports Physiotherapy

The team at BeFit Training Physio in Coogee takes great pleasure in supporting the Eastern suburbs community in their pursuit of exercise, outdoor activities and sports. We work with a variety of athletes from a wide range of sporting activities, helping them to optimise their performance, prevent injuries and recover from any injuries that do occur.

After many years of working with local sports teams, whether social groups or elite players, we understand the demands placed on both male and female athletes. This means that we can create a program that’s customised to your exact needs, helping you to achieve your goals, as quickly as possible.   

How can we help your performance?

Whether you have a sporting injury, a concern about your performance or you want a preventative program to help avoid future injuries, we can help! At your initial consultation, an experienced physiotherapist will either assess your injury or discuss your performance concerns.

If you have an injury, a thorough assessment will identify its cause, and following an accurate diagnosis, we will design a treatment program specific to your requirements. This plan will focus on pain relief, followed by exercises to help you recover and get back to your sporting life. If you want a preventative program or you want help to improve your performance, your physiotherapist will design a plan to achieve these goals.

At BeFit Training Physio, no injury is too small or too complex for our physiotherapists. We can help everyone recover from their injuries and achieve their performance goals, whether you’re a weekend warrior, recreational player or elite athlete. Over the years, we have seen every type of sporting injury, so we know that we can make a big difference in your life.

Whatever your chosen sport, injury or concern, the focus of our treatment plans is your health, performance and speedy recovery.

If you want to get back to playing sports at your best, send us an email, book online or call us on 0413195606 to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced physios.