BeFit Training Physio specialises in designing rehabilitation programs for a wide range of injuries and surgeries. For example, we can create a customised post-surgical rehabilitation program for knee, shoulder and hip replacements, ACL repairs or compound fractures. We can also design a rehabilitation plan to help you recover from a sprained ankle, tennis elbow or other minor injury, whether sports or non-sports related.

Even though we are physiotherapists, we have also experienced our fair share of injuries and surgeries, so we know what it’s like to go through a rehabilitation program. We understand the pain and frustration that you may feel with your injuries and we can empathise with you as you progress through your recovery. We also recognise that having someone to support and motivate you through your rehab can make a big difference to your recovery.

How can we help your rehabilitation?

At your initial consultation, an experienced physiotherapist will assess your condition and identify your injury; if you are post-surgery, your progress to date will be assessed. Following this examination, your physio will design a stepped, progressive rehabilitation plan to help you achieve full functionality as quickly as possible. Your rehab will involve one-on-one exercise sessions with your physiotherapist in a gym environment, supplemented by home based exercises. The home based exercises will help to keep your rehabilitation moving forward between clinic sessions.

At BeFit Training Physio, we engage in a team approach to rehabilitation, so we keep everyone in the loop with your progress – your surgeon, GP, family, sports coach, and any other health professionals involved in your care. This keeps everyone up-to-date and provides you with a focus of support during your rehab.

Why not contact us today for an appointment or for information? You can send us an email, book online or call us on 0413195606 for more information.