At BeFit Training Physio in Coogee, we use a range of manual therapies, such as massage, to help relieve muscular tension. This tension can result in pain or discomfort, even dysfunction in some of your muscles. Massage is a proven therapy that helps to relieve pain and relax muscles during the acute stage of an injury.

Our experienced physiotherapists use a number of different massage techniques to restore your range of motion and functionality and improve your performance. These techniques include kneading, trigger point therapy, compression sports massage, gliding, and myofascial release. Our priority is to release your tight muscles and once this has been achieved, we will design an individualised treatment program to help you recover from your injury or condition.

Your customised recovery program includes exercises that increase strength in your affected muscles, as well as preserving mobility in the early stages when movement can be painful.  We want to help you recover, heal and return to full function as quickly and safely as possible. We also provide you with techniques to prevent this type of injury occurring again.

Massage is a hands-on therapy that can be both relaxing and healing at the same time.

If you believe that massage therapy can help relieve your tight or injured muscles, send us an email, book online or call us on 0413195606 today.