ACL Rehab and Physiotherapy for Knee

Have you torn your ACL or recently had surgery on your ACL? At BeFit Training Physio this is one of the most common sporting injuries we see, so we fully understand how frustrating it is for you! Unfortunately, rehab from ACL injuries is a long process, but if you have the patience and persistence to follow our program, we can help you make a good recovery, as quickly as possible.

Our ACL Rehabilitation & Return To Performance Program has been designed specifically to help people with ACL injuries to achieve their best potential. When you sign up for this program, we design a rehab program that’s 100% customised to your needs and lifestyle, whether that’s to help you recover from ACL surgery or because you want to avoid undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Our ACL Rehabilitation & Return To Performance Program

If you have already had reconstructive surgery on your knee, then your surgeon will have recommended a period of post-surgery physiotherapy to help your recovery. So our focus will be on helping you to achieve full functionality in your knee by designing a recovery plan that promotes balance, proprioception, strength, power and endurance.

On the other hand, if you are trying to avoid having surgery on your ACL following an injury, our ACL Rehabilitation & Return To Performance Program focuses on rehabilitation. Specifically, this involves reducing pain and inflammation in your knee, followed by strengthening the muscles in your hips, pelvis, hamstrings and calves, and improving the alignment of your kneecap (patella). Essentially, we want to improve the functionality of your knee and prevent further injuries occurring.

Can you benefit from our ACL Rehabilitation & Return To Performance Program?

If you play any type of sport where you twist or pivot quickly, these sudden movements can injure your ACL. Whether that’s playing sports on the weekends with the kids or a group of friends, exercising in the gym every day, playing sports competitively or competing at an elite level, if you injure your ACL – you need a good rehab program to help your recover.

Why not send us an an email, book online or call us on 0413195606 and find out how our ACL Rehabilitation & Return To Performance Program can help your recovery.